The great thing about nights out are, well, nights out. The bad thing — I forget to post my picture for the day. Oh well. My Bad.

Tonight we went with a friend (and made new friends!) to a soft opening for a new bar in what I would call Midtown. It’s called Irish Whiskey Public House on 19th Street, sandwiched between Farragut and Dupont. It officially opens today.

Cool place. We only popped in for drinks after having sushi at Nooshi, also on 19th. Nooshi has half-priced drinks during Happy Hour. Can’t go wrong there. The food was pretty good, too.

Irish Whiskey could well be one of my new favorite bars. Good atmosphere. Good space. Cool drinks (more than just whiskey for those of you who aren’t so cool). The menu looked interesting, too. Plus, I just love the whole theme.

Wall of whiskey barrels.

You know it’s a good Thursday night when you take a cab home.

In other news, my tweet was RT by @Unsuckdcmetro after this happened:

Um some Guy just pissed out the back of our wmata car. While it was moving.

Yes. It really happened. The guy just couldn’t hold it before we made it to L’Enfant Plaza. I got some pretty funny replies to that tweet, I must say. WMATA tweeted back at me for more information. Alas, I don’t think there’s much you can do about this. Maybe install some toilets?

My friend, who witnessed this very awkward and hiliarous moment with me posted this brilliant status on FB:

Just witnessed a grown man do a “potty dance” on the Metro because he couldn’t hold it in. After several minutes of jumping and clutching himself he opened the door in between cars and relieved himself, and even kept the stream going as the train rumbled toward L’Enfant Plaza. Women laughed, men said they understood. He then sat down and said, to no one in particular, “Lord, that felt good. Excuse me.” And that is why I write nonfiction, because you really, really can’t make this shit up.

Ah, DC Metro. A wondrous place.

Tonight, I’m going to an office Happy Hour in Crystal City, so I’ll probably forget to post another photo. Oh well, life happens. Happily.

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