Reading challenge 2013 – part two

Back in May I wrote a “quick” rundown of the books I’d read so far in the year, working toward my goal of 30 books. I’ve been meaning to write another update post but life got in the way. I finished my challenge, reaching my goal. Yippee! I’m not sure if it’s cheating but I … Continue reading


New year, new you, new blog

Since I’ve been off from work for the past week for the holidays, I thought I would take some time to catch up on me and kick off the new year with some perspective. Like most people I’ve been wrapped up in the day-to-day and I tend to forget the bigger picture. Today I took … Continue reading


What does 26 mean exactly?

I’m starting to have trouble with picking songs for my many months and years. When it comes to summarizing an entire year in three-ish minutes, well, you can see how that’s not easy. I don’t know why I’ve decided to track my life like this (Liz White soundtrack part one and two). It made sense at 18. Music … Continue reading


A girls’ weekend in Virginia wine country

When my best friend got engaged, I immediately started thinking about a girls’ weekend getaway. She’s one of the funnest people to be around so I knew it would be a blast. We kind of had a mini girls’ weekend in D.C. last year so I was ready for this. My bachelorette was two years … Continue reading

Final dinner at Cactus Cantina with the last of the AU grad school crew.

On friendship

I’ve been thinking about friendship quite a lot lately. In June, my D.C. book club read Rachel Bertsche‘s “MWF Seeking BFF.” It’s about a Chicago-transplant’s year-long search for a new best friend. Then I moved back to Columbia, where I’ve been pondering new/old friendships. To be honest, friendship is something I think about pretty often. … Continue reading


Blogging, connections, self

Is blogging egotistical? I had essentially this argument/conversation with my brother over the weekend. It started when I read a piece in Jezebel about a story about a blogger. Whoa, that sounds complicated. Essentially the Jezebel story kind of pulls out pieces of the news profile about a blogger to highlight some of the more … Continue reading

historic lighthouse bay connecticut

Girls’ weekend in Connecticut

That kind of sounds like the title of a movie. One recent weekend kicked off a busy streak of social events for me in the best kind of way — one of several girls-only weekends. These tend to be pretty perfect since the husband doesn’t get any vacation time. I’ve been longing for a second … Continue reading

Champs Elysees.

European vacation: Making decisions

We’re finally going! It’s been more than two years since I first blogged about our European vacation plans. New jobs, moving and well, being broke has been in the way. But finally we’re taking the leap. (Don’t get me wrong, Costa Rica and our minimoon vacations have been great but not like this.) A few … Continue reading

day eight. fire
2013 in photos

2013: a year in review

I find it kind of funny that so many apps are starting “year in review” services. It’s kind of cool (and maybe a little scary) that it will automatically tell you what you shared and in turn what you experienced in a year. Unfortunately a more in-depth review means this is so late. I know … Continue reading

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